FC BCN - Atl. Madrid 21-09 (+Transport - optional)

Tickets that Include transportation to the stadium are valid for 2 days

FC BCN - Atl. Madrid 21-09 (+Transport - optional)
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Book your tickets online to make sure you can cheer for FC Barcelona! Due to the complexity of getting tickets for the matches, we have simplified the process for you. Within a few clicks you can witness one of the best teams of the world in action in Camp Nou, 

What are the advantages of booking online?

  • You don´t have to handle the complex booking process!
  • Don´t trust the sellers outside the stadium. Make your booking online so you can be sure to visit the match!
  • You are sure to have seats when you visit FC Barcelona!
  • Great and affordable seats behind the goals which are located from Gol 1 to Gol 3


How does it work?

  • The pick-up location is in the city centre of Barcelona (near Placa de Catalunya). The tickets will be picked up at Budget Bikes (Placa de Llana 3). For more details check the voucher that you will receive.
  • The tickets will be ready for you to pick-up under your name. The office is open on match days and the day before match day, between 14.00h and 20.00h. During Champions League matches the pick-up is on the same day of the match between 13.00h and 18.00h. If you can´t pick-up the tickets on any of these days please inform us by email.
  • Budget Bikes doesn't sell tickets for the match in their office. The only way to make a reservation is online.

Tickets may include transport to Camp Nou (optional).

The Camp Nou is a stadium with a large capacity (100,000 visitors can visit the matches) in the middle of a neighborhood. Therefore it is almost impossible to get to the stadium (or back to your hotel) by taxi.

The main form of transportation to the stadium is by metro. There are 2 metro stops close to the stadium: Collblanc and Badal. Barcelona has a great metro infrastructure and you can reach the stadium from everywhere in the city.

You will get a ticket for the metro (valid for 2 days). This means you do not have to rush back before midnight on match day, as the ticket is also valid for the following day. When making your booking, please select whether or not you would like to include the metro card in your purchase. 

For more information on how to get to the stadium and how to pick up your metro card, please read the voucher that you will receive after booking.

What more do you need to know?

  • The price includes tickets for the game and reservations costs (seats are reserved months in advance)
  • The ticket price also includes 24hr bike rental and transport to and from the stadium (optional)
  • All seats are given on Gol 1, 2 or 3 at a central position at the Gol Nord Tribune. We can´t give you the exact seat numbers before your pick-up but we guarantee great seats!
  • It is not possible to switch or change seat numbers that are reserved in your name.  
  • It is not possible to cancel or reimburse the order 5 days before the match.
  • Two tickets are always guaranteed next to each other. 
  • Up to 6 tickets can be seated close together (for example 3 seats in a row and another 3 directly in the row behind). It is not guaranteed that orders for more than 2 persons will always sit together. Orders for 2 always sit together and orders for up to 6 will always sit close.
  • To make a group booking (more than 6 people) please contact us by email info@barcelonafootballtickets.es. This is to check the availability of seats next to each other. 
  • Sometimes the Spanish Football Association changes the date of the match to a day later or before. We can´t be held responsible for changes in your airplane tickets or hotel reservations. If a match is postponed (due to bad weather etc.), the tickets will still be valid for the new date. We always recommend you purchase travel insurance in case you require a date change/ cancellation of your flight and/or hotel reservations.

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